Cleaning The Inside Of A Coffee Maker With Alka-Seltzer

Here is an easy way to clean your coffee maker using an inexpensive, and safe product, Alka-Seltzer!! (aka antacid tablets, I used the local drugstore brand)

All you need is one dirty coffee maker, water, and 4 antacid tablets (this box contains 36 tablets, enough for 9 cleanings!):

Step by step:


1. Take a good look at your dirty coffee pot and kiss that grime good-bye! Eww!

2. Open 2 packets of antacid tablets, so you will have 4 tablets total.

3. Place 2 tablets in the water container, and 2 tablets in the coffee filter container.

4. Fill your coffee pot with cold water up to the maximum cup capacity (mine holds 12 cups).

5. Start your coffee maker as if you were making a pot of coffee.

6. Look at that dirty water!

7. After the brewing cycle is finished, peek inside and see how much is dissolved.

** Repeat steps 4 – 7 two more times ensuring that almost all of the antacid has been dissolved and cycled through.

8. There will still be some leftover antacid, so I took a damp towel and wiped out the inside, getting rid of all of the partially dissolved antacid.

9. The filter holder was almost clean as well! (I did take some mild dish detergent and an old toothbrush to these little crannies to get off all of that caked on coffee.)

Now that the inside is clean, I went to work on the outside, and the glass coffee pot itself. More on that tip later!

**Update: Here is the link to the info & instructions on how to get a sparkling clean glass coffee pot 🙂

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